{#11}: $25 Gift Certificate to Garnish

item: $25 Gift Certificate to Garnish
description: Whether hosting a backyard BBQ, or packing up treats for our children's classes, we tried to add  something personal to the packaging. We used to scour shops, as well as the Internet, for simple, elegant, fun and
modern supplies that we could easily make our own. But we could never find exactly what we were looking for. So
along came give people an easy, stylish and affordable way to add a personal touch to everyday
moments (because after all a personal touch - a Garnish - goes a long way to helping turn moments into
memories). Everything we carry is a blank canvas, just awaiting your own personal expression. You can dress
Garnish items up; you can dress them down. They're perfect for every occasion because they're perfectly "you."
vendor: Garnish
location: Anywhere!
retail value: $25
starting bid: $15

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