{#4}: Animal Print Set from A Vintage Poster - 2 Available!

item: Set of Four 11x14 Animal Prints from A Vintage Poster
description: Includes a chevron patterned monkey, a wonderful dotted whale, a lovely little plaid elephant, and a perfectly spotted giraffe from A Vintage Poster's Animal Collection. All prints are size 11" x 14", printed on creamy textured cardstock and come in a variety of colors found on their website. The top 2 bidders will receive 4 prints each. 
vendor: A Vintage Poster
location: Shipped to wherever you are!
retail value: $56
starting bid: $30
As seen on the Nie Nie Dialogues!
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Tori said...

Bidding $30 for these prints

Tori C

ls said...

Liz Sproul,, $32.00

Liz said...