{#14}: Website Creation - Basic Package

item: Basic Website Creation Package from Jaylyn Nunn
description:Includes basic website creation with weebly content management system. This item includes website set up and configuration, minor customization (html and css), and search engine optimization (content and meta-data). If you have always wanted a website, but didn't know how to get started, this item is for you. This easy to use content management system will allow you to change the content of your site or make up dates with drag and drop technology. Jaylyn will set up your site for you. If you send her what you want on your website such as text and images, she will upload and layout your site as well as optimize your content to increase your organic rankings on search engines such as google, Yahoo!, and bing. 
vendor: Jaylyn Nunn
location: Anywhere
retail value: $500
starting bid: $250


website design said...

You definitely have the visual appeal down and the simplicity is there as well. I think you should consider centering the following page so that it's formated like the rest of your site.

web design uk said...

Every web design should be able to highlight the edge of your service over the competitions' in a very creative way.