{#15}: Website Creation - Intermediate Package

item: Intermediate Website Creation Package from Jaylyn Nunn
description: Includes intermediate website creation with Joomla! content management system. Joomla! is a powerful web development content management system that will allow you to customize a great deal of your website. Jaylyn will work with you to customize the design and navigational elements of your site. This item includes website set up and configuration, customization (design, colors, video, audio, slideshow, photo gallery, etc.), search engine optimized content and meta-data. If you have wanted an affordable dynamic and powerful website where you have control over almost every aspect of the site, this item is for you. Auction winner will need to provide content ideas, text, and images. Jaylyn will work with auction winner to decide what will best fit their need
vendor: Jaylyn Nunn
location: Anywhere!
retail value: $2,000
starting bid: $800

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