{#28}: Resume/Cover Letter Editing & Rewrite from Janae Wilson Rogers - 2 Available!

item: Resume/Cover Letter Editing & Rewrite from Janae Wilson Rogers

description: Whether you're looking to dust off and update an old resume and cover letter, you're actively pursuing a new job, or you are working on getting into a graduate program, I will help you tailor your resume and cover letter message to your audience.  After 5 years of helping Medical, Dental, Law, MBA, and other prospective graduate students find admittance to the graduate program of their choice, I can offer the fine-tuning your resume/cover letter needs to get recognized and stand out to admissions committees or top management. Note: The top 2 bidders will each receive this service.
vendor: Janae Wilson Rogers
location: Shipped to wherever you are!
retail value: $99
starting bid: $20

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