{#29}: 5 Hours of Professional Organizing from Eaton Organizing - 2 Available!

item: 5 hours of Professional Organizing from Eaton Organizing
description: We help with anything from organizing a specific event to helping your space become more organized for the flow of everyday life. During your consultation, we will create a plan of action to achieve your goals. Great for soon-to-be moms, parties, and moving! Eaton Organizing also specializes in life planning and preparations for a new baby. Enjoy more organization in your daily schedule, efficient meal plans, or creating more time for working out and leisure. Note: the top 2 bidders will receive 5 hours each. 
vendor: Eaton Organizing
location: Utah Valley and surrounding areas (including Salt Lake city and up to 30 minutes outside of the Provo area)
retail value: $100
starting bid: $50

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